Call for Papers

AAR-SE is excited to announce that our 2025 meeting will take place at Florida Memorial University in Miami, Florida from March 7-9, 2025. The conference theme is “Transitions”.

Call for Papers: View the 2025 Call for Papers now! Deadline for submissions is October 1, 2024. Submit proposals here.

Conference Theme: “Transitions”

Miami is a place in transition. From the influx of people from all over the world and the displacement of Miami natives due to raising cost of living to Miami becoming the new tech hub and the “it” city in the USA, Miami Dade County is in a space of transition. We do not yet know what Miami will become in the near future, but we know it is no longer the same. What will the future bring?

Religious traditions, institutions, and are facing a time of transition. Sacred spaces are transitioning from churches, mosques, temples, synagogues to the online environment, nature, or no space at all. Religious identities are in transition. Even the place of religious, biblical, theological, and ethical studies in academia is in a state of transition. What will it look like in the near future? How do where address the transitions of our time in religion and society as well as our individual lives? Transitions engender liminal spaces in which we seek to define ourselves or even find ourselves as we embark on new journeys, horizons, and chapters of life. What resources are available from our perspective traditions to help us navigate the transitions in which we find ourselves today?

As we invite you to join us in Miami for the 2025 meeting, we invite you to consider the theme of transition as it relates to your areas of study. We encourage multidisciplinary proposals, as well as proposals from underrepresented scholars and graduate students.