Joint Committee Members for AAR/SBL-SE

Operating Procedures Article 4.a. – Executive Board:

Chair: Kathy Barrett Dawson

Vice Chair: Anne Blue Wills

Secretary: Wesley Barker

Treasurer: Steven Ramey

FSU Campus Rep for AAR/SBL-SE 2021: Joseph Hellweg

FSU Campus Rep for AAR/SBL-SE 2021: Michael Goff

Marketing and Publicity Director: Brian Pennington

Article 3.a.i. Four Principal Officers from AARSE LLC and SBLSE ARM:

Current AAR-SE President: Rizwan Zimir

Current SBL-SE President: Mark Proctor

Current AAR-SE Vice President & Program Chair: Wesley Barker

Current SBL-SE Vice President & Program Chair: Kathy Lopez

Immediate Past President AAR-SE: Derrick Lemons

Immediate Past President SBL-SE: Kathy Barrett Dawson

AAR-SE Regional Coordinator: Derrick Lemons

SBL-SE Regional Coordinator: Annie Tinsley

Article 3.a.ii. One Member from AAR-SE and SBL-SE:

Current AAR-SE VP-Elect: Hollis Phelps

Current SBL-SE VP-Elect: Alexander Thompson

Article 3.a.iii. Three At-Large Representatives:

At-large Member: Doug Hume

At-large Member: Sam Murrell

At-large Member: Brian Pennington

Article 3.a.iv. Campus Representatives:

2020 Campus Representative: Derrick Lemons

2021 Campus Representative: Michael Goff

2021 Campus Representative: Joseph Hellweg

2022 Campus Representative: TBD

Article 3.a.v. Graduate Student Representatives:

AAR–SE Graduate Student Representative: Michael McLaughlin

SBL-SE Graduate Student Representative: Sarah Cook